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BalLibre links with copyright-free balfolk-music ordered by dances & bands. Here music can be freely shared - You are welcome to submit a link to your music!
  • This tool generates a random 'BalFolk' playlist to open in your favorite media player!
  • It shows possibilities of the CreativeCommons licence 'BY-NC-SA'. Under this conditions, you're free to share and reuse this musics.
  • You can filter the collection by dance or artist.
  • Export the player copy-paste this code on your website:
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  • Idem with the liste:
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  • Random? Not only! To create a good mix, the script relegates the most represented groups at the end of the playlist, and avoids placing the same dances too close.
  • Des licences libres au BalFolk

    We need a translation Reflétant la logique de partage des musiques traditionnelles, réadaptée aux contexte des réseaux numériques, les licences libres ont tout leur interêt dans le milieu BalFolk:

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    • Ajout de 13 collectages du Fonds Brailoiu:
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    • Des partitions pour balFolk en licence CreativeCommons? C'est ici :
      merci Florent Coubard
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    • Salut, faute d'arriver á vous inviter ici en GB, au moins je travaille sur la trado des "Licences Libres".
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    ... of musicians and actors of the 'BalFolk World' concerned with the use of free licenses.
    It is available to any of you who will ask me by mail!